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Women invest differently.

And that’s OK.

We are social decision-makers

When there's a decision to be made, we turn to our friends and allies. We discuss and dissect, we decide and gain confidence together.

We need to understand everything

We've worked at least twice as hard for our wealth. We're cautious about where we invest it, and how much of it we're willing to risk.

We start cautiously

We've worked at least twice as hard for our wealth. We're cautious about where we invest it, and how much of it we're willing to risk.

We've explicitly designed for those differences.

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Get in-depth, hands-on investing experience

We believe we learn best by doing. During your membership you will   learn about various alternative asset classes, diligence and make investment decisions on live deals, and learn how to be great Limited Partners (LPs) across all assets.

Join a curated, high-powered community

Find your financial tribe: we run in thoughtfully matched, intimate cohorts. We'll meet regularly—dinners, happy hours, investment events and speaker series. You'll get to know amazing women looking to build wealth and connect.

Get access to world-class alternatives assets

Invest into a high-performance,  alternative assets fund designed to add diversification and upside to your portfolio. The fund gives you exposure to all 7 major alternative asset classes, like you would find with an elite family office.

Program Structure

Base investment : $10,000 / year.

It's a supercharged savings plan: Invest $10,000 every year with 32 Cents. We also offer higher tiers for those who want to build generational wealth more quickly.

$1,000 / year for hands-on investing experience.

Learn how to invest by actually investing: evaluate live deals, meet other incredible women,  get access to high-quality, tailored content and events.

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Frequently asked questions

What's the overall structure of the club?

Can I trial Webflow before paying?

When you join, you pay $1,000 / year for an experiential education and financial community. You will learn about asset classes and make investment decisions like a General Partner (GP) of 32 Cents on live deals being considered by 32 Cents. Your $10,000 gets invested with 32 Cents. You will also have access to educational content, speaker series,

What will we be investing in?

Can I trial Webflow before paying?

We will investing in across all of the following asset classes: Hedge Funds, Private Equity, Real Estate, Real Assets, Venture Capital, Private Credit and Opportunistic. We will not invest in public markets, we will not invest in individual companies. We're a fund of funds -- we get diversified exposure to all classes.

Where does our $10,000 / year go?

Can I trial Webflow before paying?

It goes to the 32 Cents fund. The fund is a diversified alternative assets investment fund. When you join and commit to investing $10,000 / year, you will make investment decisions on live deals being considered by the fund for investment. Your $10,000 will be pooled with other people's $10,000 in the fund.

How are you structured?

Can I trial Webflow before paying?

We are structured as an Investment Club, following guidance set forth by the SEC. You can read more about investment clubs here: https://www.sec.gov/reportspubs/investor-publications/investorpubsinvclubhtm.html

What does being in 32 Cents look like?

Can I trial Webflow before paying?

We believe we learn best when it's (1) hands-on, (2) community-based and (3) real. You'll be part of a curated and matched cohort of people who will act as an investment committee. We will meet every month and learn about the asset class, (e.g., hedge funds), diligence and evaluate a real investment opportunity for 32 Cents and provide a recommendation. We will cycle through all alternative asset classes over the course of your program. The material and experience is designed to give you a thorough overview of how to be a limited partner for any alternative asset class. We will also have dinners every quarter, happy hours, speaker series, and an ongoing financial feed discussing real world events to familiarize you with everything going on in the world, and how to action that knowledge into financial actions.

I have other questions, where can I go?

Can I trial Webflow before paying?

Shoot me a note at clara@32cents! I'd be happy to get back to you as quickly as I can.

Meet our founder

Hi! I'm a 2x Fintech COO who got progressively more angry over the course of my 15-year career in finance at seeing single digit numbers of women in every investor list for every deal I helped transact, and for every company I helped build.

I began my career at JP Morgan way back in the day and did a stint on Wall Street with Credit Suisse San Francisco where I worked on Tech IPOs and M&A.

I then joined Forge Global and scaled them from Series B -> SPAC, two financing rounds, two acquisitions, FINRA and SEC audits, etc. After taking a sabbatical, I  joined Equi and took them from pre-product to Series A.

I am a CFA Charterholder, a CPA, went to the University of Chicago for undergrad and the Booth School of Business for my MBA.

I fly small airplanes, scuba dive, sail and ski. I love traveling, cooking and hosting - I run several dinner series in San Francisco for my friends and chosen family. I am a proud aunt to so many chosen nieces and nephews.
Clara Vydyanath

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